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Crypto Giving, Simplified

Unlock Your Platform's Potential

Empower your business by seamlessly integrating our widget into your platform, enabling users to make simple crypto donations.

Our widget offers extensive customization options, ensuring that your platform's unique branding remains intact.

Create an additional revenue stream by signing up to our affiliate program and start earning a percentage from every donation made on your platform.

Add Your Token As
a Payment method

With our widget, you can seamlessly integrate virtually any token for donation payments. Once integrated, all platforms and websites using the Donorship Widget will automatically accept it.


Become An Affiliate

It's Easy!

Easily join our affiliate program by providing an ERC-20 wallet address and your websites where you intend the widget to be located in. Once your done, an Affiliate ID will be generated. You will be able to use this to acquire an embed code and also customize it in the section below.

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Frequently asked questions

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